Dystopia by Stealth

A True Account

How a Covert Invasion can Spread

Like the Stasi, COINTELPRO, MKUltra, the KGB, the Gestapo, the mafia, like psychopathy becoming an institution.

They pick their target.
The target is isolated from help by spreading rumors demonizing the target, and recruiting the community to watch and harass a bad person like him. No, they probably won't tell him why. He might counter their lies.
Now that the target is alone, it's a slow kill. Daily sensitizing him to their presence. Little things going wrong all the time. And big things. Hacking, drugging, hypnosis, theft, sabotage, sleep disruptions, illness, entrapment, threats. Technology that can put voices in his head, change his dreams, send subliminal messages, lasers that can cause pain. No touch torture. No knowledge of who is doing it, and no proof that someone is.
He can run for help. The more he talks, the more they call him crazy. And the more they call him crazy, the more brazen the assaults.
No defense and no end. Offer the target a chance to join the gang. Get his hands dirty. Hold hostages. Give him a good narrative about how this makes him good and strong. Get his cooperation to finish the experiment and get a good hold on his mind. There is a rumor that there are implants that turn people into remote controlled cyborgs, unable to tell people that they are under control, and forced to harm people they love.

Turn him around and send him to do it to the next person.


"If the situation were hopeless,

        their propaganda would be unnecessary."


Book 1 - My woRld Turned Into Theirs



2017, Lancaster New Hampshire. I attended a libertarian festival called Porcfest and spoke with a man about a legal technology called mesh networks, which I hoped would help protect people's privacy online. He became afraid and asked how it could be stopped, if the satellites could see it or if the police could go door to door. He told me, "You and I both know, we know, that they do very bad things to people who do this sort of thing." That evening he kept trying to get me to eat different things and another man pointed a big camera at my face and kept trying to take, as he said, my "profile shot."

In the years since, I have been through shocking things. I have been on the receiving end of a system designed to hurt people without getting caught, but they make mistakes, and I collected evidence. I wrote my story, made redactions, and published it.

This is a danger to many people, even if they keep their heads down and try to do as they're told. Word must get out if we hope to be free.

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Book 2 - Canada Immersed


I made it to Canada, only to be stopped at the border, searched, interrogated and turned away—until I asked for asylum. I hoped the humanity of Canadians would be a shield against what I had just escaped from. But the storm wasn’t over.

As I ventured into different enclaves of Montreal, I discovered this invisible invasion permeating government services, charities, and even churches. Some of these pawns seemed deceived, believing I was a criminal. I watched as some became aware of the sort of people that were pulling their strings, and realized they too were in their clutches.

It seems my stalker followed me, determined to break me and make me his. That is not possible. I belong to God, no matter what he does. As much as this is a test for me, it is also a test for others. In part, a Milgram experiment. Each person must answer this question for themselves. Can they be made to do what the predators do? To lie to and betray? Would you hand yourself over?

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